Unlike companies which manufacture biodiesel production equipment (biodiesel processor) based on outdated, tank technologies, which have been used for over a century, our company uses the high-frequency magnetic impulse cavitation principle, previously used in classified technologies, allowing us to achieve some significant advantages

• Pre-cracking oil processing
Homogenized fuel production
Water-black oil emulsion production
Coolant lubricants preparing and sterilization

Application: Hydrodynamic high-frequency pulse perforator (HHPP)ORION-CT is intended for well drilling intensification not depending of well depth and soil hardness. The HHPP use makes possible to increase drill speed up to 62% and the drill instrument (drill bit) durability up to 37%.

To achieve health-improving and vivifying effect one should consume 500-700 milliliter of pristine melt water daily.Proposed CRYOTRON appliance is an automatic system, with 2000 milliliter of melt water daily production capacity; that quantity is enough for a 3-4 members family. Specially developed program is providing…

About our company

Our company CT SYSTEMS® is a leading equipment developer and manufacturer in hydrodynamic cavitation and ultrasonic technologies.

Area of expertise:

BIODIESEL PROCESSOR: biodiesel production modules
WELL DRILLING: high-frequency impulse equipment for drill process intensification
EMULSIFICATION: preperatory appliances for high dispersive emulsions stability
WATER PURIFICATION: ultrasonic appliances for water purification and disinfection
HEATING OF LIQUIDS: cavitation heating of various liquids without scale formation
MELT WATER (project): appliances for melt drinking water production

All technologies are patented. Our equipments are effectively compliant for use in Ukraine and abroad.