Quantum-CT systems are not containing any direct heating elements (electric heaters, electrodes, inductors etc). Thermal energy is released as a result of complex physical processes, passing in cavitation generator, with excitation of liquid flow with certain parameters, provided by high-pressure centrifugal pump. Those systems are featured by maximum transformation ratio of electric energy into thermal energy. The main physical effect which brings to such energetic changes is interlayer directed cavitation oriented in certain way, without any cavitation generator damage.


  • Heating and hot-water supply systems in buildings.
  • Technological heating of liquids of any types including acids, alkalis and reagents (without any scale formation).

Main thermal generators advantages:

Versatility. Using thermal generators any liquids can be heated including water of any quality. Water heating with thermal generator is avoiding any scale formation.

Self-sufficiency. Hydrodynamic heater is a self-sufficient heating device. As a drive of the heater an electric engine, internal-combustion engine or wind-driven generator can be used. When using as a driver the internal-combustion engine or wind-driven generator the mechanical energy does not transform into electric one, with considerable increase of heating system efficiency factor.

Environment friendly and safety. A hydrodynamic heater does not involve any atmosphere pollution with combustion products. Explosion or fire threat is completely precluded (in contrast to gas heaters, coil heaters and other heating devices). The reservoir of the heater is not a high-pressure vessel.

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