Appliance CT-WD7 is used for purification and non-reagent disinfection of surface water (that is water from rivers, lakes, storage pools, moors etc). The appliance consists of two circuits: the one for purification and another for disinfection. For disinfection of water the principle of high-intensive cavitation is used. First water runs through preliminary filter, where it is purified of solids, to high-pressure pump, which under pressure 20 bar pumps water to hydraulic radiator (protected by Patent of Ukraine No2527) and further to cavitation chamber, where the short-lived steam-gaseous caverns arise (the process of cavitation). The velosity of their collapse is very high and around the point of the collapse the extreme parameters of temperature and pressure appear. The breakouts of continuous flow with formation of steam-gaseous bubbles take place in points of non-homogeneity of the medium. In this case the sources of non-homogeneity are the harmful inclusions such as fungi and bacteria, which by the cavitation burst (explosion) appear in center of collapse being the sort of its target. As a result the harmful microflora is completely annihilated near the point of collapse. The effectiveness of cavitation process does not depend either on turbidity nor salt composition of processed water or its chromaticity. The bactericide influence of cavitation is directly proportional to its intensity, flow rate and number of stages of cavitation exciters. If one compares the expences spent on different methods of disinfection of the conventional unit of drinking water volume, cavitation appeares to be very effective method.

Completely disinfected water flows through the purifying loop, which consists of special filters containing ion-changing rosins, coil filter and refining cartridge. The matters used in filters are rated at long-term operation and require periodical cleaning and regeneration only .


Technical parameters of CT-WD7:

  • Dimensions (mm): 1220х890х1990
  • Weight (kg): 550
  • Power (kW): 16
  • Output (liters per hour): 500
  • Type of water to be processed: surface water

On basis of the appliance CT-WD7 the mobile station for water purification and disinfection was projected. The mobile platform is equipped with mini electric station and is completely autonomous system. Such mobile stations can be used in Army and during states of emergency, when it is necessary to provide with drinking water large number of people. For quick and successful organization of water supply the presence of any source with non-drinking water is enough.